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                                  Fermentation equipment
                                  • Fermentation equipment
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                                    Fermentation equipment

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                                  • Date:2020-01-16
                                  Volume: 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L, 600L, 2000L, 5000L, 10000L, etc.
                                  Working principle of honeycomb jacketed conical fermentation tank:
                                  1. After the cold wort is filtered to remove the coagulum, enter the tank from the inlet and outlet of the bottom of the device, and inoculate the yeast for fermentation.
                                  2. Heat is generated during fermentation, and the fermentation is carried away by cooling the refrigerant in the jacket, so that the fermentation process can be carried out stably. The temperature of wort, the amount of yeast added, the amount of aeration, and the fermentation time during the fermentation process are subject to the requirements of the fermentation process. The working temperature in the tank is 2 ~ 15 ℃, and the working pressure in the tank top is 0.1MPa.
                                  3. After the wort fermentation liquid meets the technical requirements, the precipitated yeast is discharged first, and then the fermentation liquid is discharged. After the material liquid is emptied, the inner wall and accessories of the equipment are thoroughly cleaned to prepare for the next fermentation. This equipment uses dilute alcohol as a refrigerant, and uses dilute alcohol to perform heat exchange in the honeycomb jacket.

                                    Master Craft, a subsidiary of Foshan Yinghui Packaging Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., is a brand that integrates the development, production, development, sales, service, and equipment accessories of craft beer line equipment, providing customers from saccharification and fermentation to filling and then Packaging complete line services, and also provide integrated services such as craft beer technology and beer technical guidance, craft beer culture dissemination.

                                    With its advanced technological advantages and unique craft beer craftsmanship, Master Craft, while respecting traditions, clings to modern technology, concentrates beer traditional culture and the latest brewing technology in the equipment, and constantly crafts them, like creating works of art. To make each craft beer equipment, the meaning of crafting is perfectly interpreted in the equipment of Yinghui Master Craft with a spirit of near-rigorous pursuit of perfection.
                                    Yinghui people adhere to the purpose of "creation of great cause, value sharing", and use the "craftsmanship" spirit to achieve every detail to the extreme. Yinghui Master Craft relies on excellent product quality, advanced process control technology and perfect and timely pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, excellent equipment quality, and honest business philosophy, thus winning high recognition from customers.


                                  Have a team of engineers specializing in mechanical design, electrical and commissioning, and implement the talent team construction and development strategy


                                  Has applied for 14 invention patents, more than 10 utility model patents, 4 software copyrights, and passed the certification of high-tech products

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