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                      The chairman 2012 conference speech



                      Dear leaders and all colleagues in the same trade:      

                      Time goes by silently, and time flies. China international beer, beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition lasted 17 years, and greeted tenth grand meeting in 2012. Looking back, historical past has still remained a lot of marks. From preliminary scale to the perfect design, from minor celebrity to epic reputation, from exhibiting companies come here especially to their return in triumph, many enterprises have gone through beginning difficulty to final fruitful results on this platform. And just the platform comes together a large number of businesses and friends; through this opportunity, they are acquainted with each other, know each other well and cooperate with each other, in the end achieve many glorious histories. Foshan Yinghui Packaging Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. began to take part in CBB exhibition from 2008, from beginning chi in participation in, to initially set booth, and to 400 square meters exhibition in this years, Yinghui did develop at top speed. In here, we thanks to friends and clients that got acquainted at the exhibition to continued support and help us, but especially to sponsor provide us with such a good platform. This platform lets us fullest display ourselves, communicate with each other, and meet more merchants and friends so as to create a win-win situation.

                      Over the 17 years from 1995 to 2012, with rapid expansions of China beer, soft drinks, dairy products, and machinery industry, our Yinghui machinery got on “The Last Bus”. Although we didn’t go through the hardships of “make sail”stage and the excitement of “plough through”stage, we also went through the competition and achievement of “passionate moment of life”stage. From the beginning of processing accessories to complete machine production and supporting, Yinghui just went through few years; its equipments are widely favored and recognized in beer and beverage industries. Major clients have developed to Yanjing Beer, China Resources Group, Tsingtao Beer, Coconut Palm Group, and major industries. This is a wonderful achievement, which is attributed to Yinghui all staffs concerted efforts and joint efforts. In the future, Yinghui people will keep trying, just the same as the corporation slogan of Yinghui “unity, harmony, loyalty and forward-looking”. We try hard to do equipments, provide high quality service, transform Yinghui machinery into century-old foundation, and turn “Yinghui”to a century brand.

                      Taking over from the past and setting a new course for the future, carrying forward our cause and forging ahead into the future, the development of history will not back up. I think that China beer beverage dairy industry development will move to large scale and conglomeration. Along with shortage of human resources and continuously improvement of labor costs, in addition to the superiority of equipment “domestication”become more apparent, China beer, beverage, dairy products and machinery industries will surely enjoy great improvement, which have bright prospects. Over the next decade, China beer, beverage, dairy products and machinery industries will enjoy a glorious ten-year and the glorious ten-year for China CBB Exhibition. Wish sponsor keep pace with the times, think what industries think, continuously improve service quality and grades, create China CBB Exhibition to a prestigious and international top world event. Our Yinghui people will do our best to go after CBB Exhibition, offering our humble efforts for China light industry machinery business development.

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